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Divine Chariot Series

This is a special project that has been in development 25 years. The Divine Chariot Series was inspired by the writings of Avraham Abulafia a Kabalist, rabbi, poet, mystic, who lived in 13th century Spain. The Series is my interpretations of the myths and imagery conjured up while translating his work from Hebrew to English. The Divine Chariot Series consists of four large bronze works that deal with symbols of different aspects of real and imagined stories.

A descriptive page from my proposal

Kabbalah, Jewish Mysticism and The Divine Chariot
The LookOut news, Santa Monica, 7-28-09

Divine Chariot Series, 1984-2010
bronze/patina sculptures, platform 18 x 15 feet

digital rendering: Isabelle Duvivier and Pelin Hepcilingirler, Duvivier Architects

The Wheel – depicts motion, transformation, travel, circle, universe, the center post and the hub of the wheel is always in transition.

The Spokes – transition, the number 10 for minyan (an assembled prayer group), Hebrew letters on the outer rim, 1 to 10.

The Hands – symbolize creation

The String – wrapped over each spoke the golden string of life, the crochet (my mother’s) complexity.

Triangular stands depict the strongest form in nature

Placement of Power, 1984-2010
bronze/patina, 30 inches in diameter

Divine Influx-Bliss, 1984-2010
bronze/patina, 30 inches in diameter

Wheel One: DIVINE INFLUX-BLISS reveals the Garden of Eden = innocence. One river split into four and created civilization. The triangle stand portrays the sky and the trees

Wheel Two: PLACEMENT OF POWER, depicts the names of the Angels, Michael on the right, Gabriel on the left, Ariel in front and Rafael behind. The triangular stand shows the powerful animals on earth, the lion, the eagle and the ram.

Wheel Three: POWER OF ONE, the wheel within the wheel alludes to the prophet Ezekiel imagery, the alchemical star to transformation. The stand represents the simplicity of one.

Wheel Four: POWER OF MANY, on the wheel two hands are in tandem, the hub of the wheel is in full bloom, the center spoke in complete leaf. Traditional belief is that an idea does not come to fruition until the community embraces it. The triangular stand depicts the prayer shawl (my father’s) the important standing of one in a community.

Placement of Power, 1984-2010
bronze/patina, 96 x 30 inches

The Divine Chariot
in studio

artwork ©Bruria Finkel all rights reserved