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The Verona (detail)
marble-chip terrazzo
The Verona, Santa Monica, CA

The Verona was designed and built by the architect Vito Cetta and his partner Peter Lwei. In 1989 they approached me and asked to include my work in their building project. I welcomed the opportunity, since they offered an integration of my work into the architectural aspect of the building that opened itself to the sky on each floor. I created a seamless combine of my images into the floors, carpets, ceilings, and lights at the outdoor entrance, lobby and the 2nd floor terrace. The media varied from cut and etched glass, water, paint on canvas, terrazzo, acrylic painting on wet cement, latex paint on cement and Polaroid sky paintings.

Click for a 1 min. video of the project

Elevator Landings, All Floors, 1989-1991
carpet design, 25 x 16 feet

Outdoor Terrance, 1989-1991
latex paint on cement, 25 x 27 feet

The Verona, Exterior Entrance-Way, 1989-1991
terrazzo, marble lines, handblown colored glass, 35 x 40 feet

Sky Painting, 1989-1991
acrylic on wet cement, 35 x 40 feet

Morning, Noon and Night Sky, 1989-1991
acrylic on canvas, 12 x 4 feet

Main Entrance, Center Panel, 1989-1991
cut and etched glass, cascading water, 12 x 4 feet

artwork ©Bruria Finkel all rights reserved