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Olympic High School | Tibby Elementary School

Santa Monica Mural
acrylic paint
Olympic High School, Santa Monica, CA

In 1988 I received my second endowment from the California Arts Council to be “artist in residence” in the Santa Monica Unified School System. I chose the Continuation High School and worked with teenagers who could not work within the regular school system; their creativity was amazing.

Photo (left) our Santa Monica Mural
Its location was chosen by the students – on the Pacific Coast Highway where 65,000 cars pass by every day.

Santa Monica Mural, 1988-1989
acrylic paint, 30 x 85 feet

wall is a remnant of the old Santa Monica Bathhouse

Nursery Rhymes, 1988-2000
acrylic on wall

a long mural that surrounded the inner school yard

Nursery Rhymes reinterpreted by the students
Humpty Dumpty, Jack be Nimble, the Three Little Pigs

Nursery Rhymes reinterpreted by the students
Tweedledum and Tweedledee

artwork ©Bruria Finkel all rights reserved